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Specialties Linen Wrapped Christmas Cake
"An elegant organic one-pound fruit cake,
perfumed with port and brandy."

The New York Times



Christmas Cake
Christmas cakes have a long historical tradition in England, as it's the celebratory cake that was eaten around the holidays in the depths of winter.

The depth of the ingredients, most of them expensive and imported from around the world, signified the wealth of the giver, who shared the cake with family and community, establishing a cultural bond and connection.

In the winter months we candy numerous types of citrus peels, and as in the past, post grape season, we dry several varieties of fresh grapes to make the raisins. These are combined with different stone fruits and all are macerated and plumped up in an aged port from Prager Winery & Port Works.

Almonds, spices, brandy and cake ingredients are then mixed in and baked into a fruit laden, richly flavored fruitcake.

The cakes are washed in a vintage plum brandy from St George Spirits before being wrapped in cheesecloth. June paints the outer wraps in green and red before a letterpress design is printed on it.

We proudly collaborate with local family farmers who provide us with the highest quality ingredients for our cakes.


  Christmas Cake Christmas Cake  
Christmas cake was once eaten with meats and cheeses and today we also recommend it with tea or a glass of port or sherry.

To serve, please refrigerate until completely cold, and with a sharp knife slice thinly before returning to room temperature to serve.

  Extremely limited availability. Limit one per household.
The last batch of cakes will be available late January
 1 lb $80  Order
  Aged one year (limited) 1 lb $90  Order

Candied Citrus Peel
Reviving the traditional art of fruit confectionary and utilizing the entire fruit, we candy citrus peel to create a tasty, bite size, fruit candy.

These candies can also be chopped and added to cookie, cake, scone or muffin dough or swirled into ice cream and yoghurt. They are a luscious topping for oatmeal, granola or rice pudding and can offer a zesty accent to vinaigrettes or tagines.

Martha Stewart
June & Martha
make candied pee
Candied Rangpur Lime Peel
3 oz tins
                      Candied Rangpur Lime Peel
2 oz tins
Floral & Herbal Candied Citrus Peel              
Tangelo Orange & Mediterranean Bay Leaf Order  
Tangelo Orange & Rose Geranium Order  
Yuzu   Order
Yuzu & Bay Laurel   Order
3 oz  $16.50
Floral & Herbal Candied Citrus Peel              
Bergamot & Mint   Order  
Lemon & Rosemary   Order  
Lime & Rosemary Order
Satsuma Orange & Rose Geranium Order
Seville Orange & Rosemary Order
White Grapefruit & Rose Geranium Order
2 oz  $12 
Candied Citrus Peel
Clementine Order  
Meyer Lemon Order  
Satsuma Orange Order  
White Grapefruit   Order
Yuzu   Order
2 oz  $12

Spiced Butternut Squash Spread
A silky smooth and dense butternut squash spread, warmly spiced and rich tasting.

Entering cooler days and wintertime this spread will enhance the turkey at Thanksgiving, brighten a pot of beans, be welcomed on a pork chop and become that dollop on top of a steamy bowl of savoury porridge - and more.

This fresh spread is extremely low in sugar and needs to be refrigerated after opening and consumed within a couple of weeks.

Spiced Butternut Squash Spread   Spiced Butternut Squash Spread          
  9 oz   $16   Order
  13 oz   $19   Order


Citrus, Flower & Herb Sugars
Our flavored sugars are delightful and simple ways to elevate your cocktail or spritzer drinks by using them to rim the glass.

They offer an aromatic and refreshing element when used in baking or swirled into yogurt, ice cream, or over fresh cheeses.

We capture the oils and essence of citrus fruits, herbs and flowers before combining it with sugar.

  Citrus Sugar   Cocktail        
Bay Laurel   Order  
Spearmint   Order  
 3 oz  $10    




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