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Salt Cured Bearss Limes
  Salt Cured Bearss Limes



Bartlett Pears in
Vanilla Rose Syrup
These pears are from an ancient tree on a farm in Santa Rosa. Their dense texture and floral taste meant they were perfect for poaching.

Our floral syrup made from rose, Sonoma bayleaf and vanilla bean accentuates the pear’s natural sweetness.

A pairing with dark chocolate would make a perfect dessert.

  Bartlett Pears in Vanilla Rose Syrup        
  13 oz  $24 Order

Chutneys are a very rich and concentrated combination of fruit, vegetables, vinegar and spices, and generally used as accompaniments to meats, cheeses and a variety of savory foods.

Our chutneys are deeply yet delicately spiced, with a very rich fruit flavor. Enjoy with cheddars, goat cheese, roasted meats, charcuterie, curries, fish and stews.

  Patterson Apricot & Lemon Chutney        
Patterson Apricot & Meyer Lemon   Order
Quince & Meyer Lemon   Order
Spiced Burbank Plum   Order
 8 oz  $19    
Tomato Ketchup
An old fashioned style favorite made with organic dry farmed tomatoes. Intensely sweet, yet spicy and zesty, this ketchup adds rich flavor to hamburgers and fries, or makes a special grilled cheese sandwich when paired with a flavorful cheddar cheese.
Tomato Ketchup      
SF Magazine Read about June's ketchup in San Francisco Magazine                  

7.5 oz   $13

Tomato Paste & Sauce
The essence of organic, dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes cooked into a delicately sweet paste and versatile sauce. Elegant and simple, and a wonderful addition to ragu sauces, bean dishes, or as a coating on pasta with basil and parmesan. With only a pinch of salt and sugar added, please refrigerate after opening.
Tomato Sauce      

Tomato Paste  8 oz   $13

  Tomato Sauce  7.5 oz   $12   Sale! $9   Order  

Candied Citrus Collections
Two flavors of our candied citrus peel presented in a lovely Italian glass clamp lid jar.


Candied Citrus Peel    
Californian Edition
Blood Orange & Meyer Lemon
Japanese Edition
Yuzu & White Grapefruit
Mediterranean Edition
Seville & Valencia Orange
4.5 oz   $20

Candied Citrus Peel
Reviving the traditional art of fruit confectionary and utilizing the entire fruit, we candy citrus peel to create a tasty, bite size, fruit candy.

These candies can also be chopped and added to cookie, cake, scone or muffin dough or swirled into ice cream and yoghurt. They are a luscious topping for oatmeal, granola or rice pudding and can offer a zesty accent to vinaigrettes or tagines.

Candied Rangpur Lime Peel
Martha Stewart
  June & Martha
make candied peel
Floral & Herbal Candied Citrus Peel  
  Blood Orange & Rosemary Order
  Lisbon Lemon & Lemon Verbena Order
  Seville Orange & Bay Laurel Order
  Seville Orange & Rose Geranium Order
  Seville Orange & Rosemary Order
  Star Ruby Grapefruit & Lemon Geranium Order
  Star Ruby Grapefruit & Rose Geranium Order
  White Grapefruit & Rose Geranium Order
Candied Citrus Peel
Bergamot Order  
Blood Orange Order  
Clementine Order  
Lisbon Lemon Order  
Meyer Lemon Order  
Rangpur Lime Order
Ruby Grapefruit Order
Seville Orange Order
Star Ruby Grapefruit Order
Sudachi Lemon Order
Yuzu Order

2 oz  $11



Fruit Pastilles
In the old days this type of confectionary was well known as Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, a kind of jelly candy originating in Tyneside, England in 1881.

We are making these pastilles in soft, sliceable rectangles to enjoy with tea, cheeses and charcuterie. They store best in a cool and dry place.

  Fruit Pastilles    
Damson Plum & Port Order   Greengage Plum, Orange & Mint Order
Greengage Plum & Rose Order   Santa Rosa Plum Order
Greengage Plum, Orange & Mint Order   Santa Rosa Plum & Ginger Order
Santa Rosa Plum Order   Santa Rosa Plum & Rosemary Order
Santa Rosa Plum & Ginger Order   Santa Rosa Plum, Sonoma Bay & Rose Geranium Order
3 oz   $16       6 oz   $19        
Salt Cured Lemons & Limes
When you are looking for a burst of salt spiked zesty citrus to enhance your fish dishes, salads, salsas, tagines or cocktails these citrus fruits are an essential ingredient in your pantry. Preserved with pink Himalayan salt and aromatics herbs from my kitchen garden.
Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons      
Meyer Lemons       Order     Bearss Limes     Order    
Rangpur Limes       Order                
11 oz $20 7 oz $20          

Seckel Pears in Cassis Syrup

We gently poach Seckel pears in a warmly spiced syrup to accentuate the pears sweet and spicy flavor, and then top it off with a blackcurrant vinegar.

The pears absorb the rich flavors and become a wonderful partner to blue cheeses and winter meats. But with a dollop of cream, they are a simple dessert delight.

  Seckel Pears in Cassis Syrup        
  9.5 oz  $20 Order


Fruit Cheese
This non dairy fruit cheese is a historically British way to preserve fruit. It is a deeply concentrated and sliceable fruit paste, traditionally accompanied by cheese. A wonderful combination with Andante Dairy "Cadence" cheese (cow's milk and cream) or "Crotin" (goat's milk). Or serve simply with tea, especially green teas.

Fruit cheese should not be refrigerated. Please store in a cool, dry place.

    Fruit Cheese    
    Damson Plum Order
    3 oz   $15  

Apple, Pear & Quince Sauces
Gravenstein apples have long been associated with Sonoma County in California, although current production has declined so severely in recent decades that Slow Food USA declared the apple a heritage food in 2005 and included it in their ark of taste.

One of the first apples to ripen each year, the Gravenstein is sweet and tart, and when cooked into a sauce is delicately sweet, yet crisp and clear in its floral apple flavor.

It is excellent with pork sausage and other roasted meats. Serve with potato pancakes or in yogurt, with fresh cheese, or alongside breakfast foods.

This is a fresh product with almost no added sugar. We recommend eating within two weeks of opening.

  Gravenstein Apple Sauce      


  Gravenstein Apple Order
  Bartlett Pear & Ginger Order
  Quince Order
    7.5 oz   $10    

The Linen Wrap
We are thrilled to offer our new linen napkin as a gift wrap for our preserves, syrups, candies and specialties.

The napkins are a generous 18 inch square and made of a beautiful thick linen by our friends at Studiopatró.

The wraps are available in four colors - cinnamon, ocean, oatmeal and black. We will creatively wrap your gift of choice and tie it with a simple cotton herringbone ribbon.

After the contents have long been eaten you will have a fine linen napkin to use over and over again and enjoy.

Linen Wrapped Syrup

Ocean, Cinnamon, Oatmeal, Black Linen
(L-R) Ocean, Cinnamon,
Oatmeal, Black
2 Conserves, Marmalades or Fruit Butters $44 Order
Candied Citrus Collection $30 Order
  Nocturne Syrup $25 Order
  Nordic Syrup $36 Order
  Seckel Pears in Cassis Syrup $30 Order
Please make linen color and flavor selections on shopping cart page

Seasonal Subscription
Follow the season's bounty

Four times a year receive three carefully selected conserves, marmalades, and fruit butters made during that season.

One year subscription includes four shipments of 3 jars (12 in total) and includes shipping.


Seasonal selection examples:          

Winter - December
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Pear & Vanilla Butter

Spring - March
Blood Orange Marmalade
Three Fruit Marmalade

Summer - June
Strawberry Rose Geranium Conserve
Rhubarb & Blood Orange Conserve

Fall - September
Pluot & Lavender Conserve
Fig Conserve
Gravenstein Apple Buter

  $250  Order
Includes ground shipping (48 contiguous states)
Gift Certificate
Not sure what to give? Do they prefer tart or sweet? Are they adventurous or traditional? Try one of our e-mail gift certificates and they can choose from our full range of products.
Gift certificate - starting at $30 Order


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