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Still Room book

Closed Still- Room


June Taylor

hello and greetings,

i am writing from a dismantled still-room.

after eighteen years working in the quiet peacefulness of the still-room and thirty years exploring ways to preserve fruit my feelings are deeply felt for what has been achieved, what i will miss and all the people i have been fortunate to meet on the journey.

I consider myself blessed with having discovered a love of a craft that has enabled me to express myself so clearly and to share my creativity with all of you

i thank you for your loyal and enthusiastic support of my work.

news of any pop-up events, product availability, etc. will be provided through newsletters (sign-up form at left) and on instagram (@jamwifey).

i look forward to staying in contact. my consulting, training and teaching business will continue and if you or anyone you know is interested please reach out to me at

it has been a tremendous honor making fruit preserves and confectionary of the highest quality; i always believed in striving to do my very best and i hope that i succeeded in bringing a humble pleasure to your table. please reach out with any questions.

may i thank you again for being so very generous in your support. i leave my career knowing how very fortunate i am.

best wishes, and please be safe.
love, june.








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