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About our Products

We work directly with small family farms, seeking out heirloom and forgotten fruits, hoping to revive the tastes of our collective pasts. These fruits, once commonly grown and available, are now rare and almost extinct. Supporting the farmers who grow them helps to ensure that these varieties of fruit will not be lost.

Following traditional methods of preserving, organically grown fruit is hand-cut and stove-top cooked in small batches with the addition of a minimal amount of organic sugar and no commercial pectin.

Endeavoring to utilize the entire fruit, we use the seeds and membranes of citrus to make our own pectin for marmalades, and candy the peel. Inspired by traditional pairings, we infuse the flowers and herbs we grow into the fruit to create complex flavors.

Each pot yields an average of 8-10 jars and is hand poured. Letterpress labels are applied by hand. It is our belief that this close attention to detail and extremely small scale yields the best quality possible in a preserved fruit.

All of our fruit is grown within the U.S., the majority in Northern California. It is grown organically by sustainable agricultural methods without the use of synthetic chemicals, allowing the fullest flavors in the fruit to develop. Capturing these tastes is the craft of our business.


Martha Stewart

Winni Wintermeyer
In My Kitchen
A Visit to the Kitchen
of Jam Master June Taylor


Martha Stewart

June and Martha
make candied citrus peel


SF Chronicle
    Lea Suzuki
Positively Fourth Street
June and the
Still-Room Shop
are featured in the
SF Chronicle's story about artists & artisans on Berkeley's 4th St.


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New York Times Magazine Article

Read about June Taylor & the
Still-Room in Amanda Hesser's column The Way We Eat


What does it take to make a jar of jam?
The June Taylor videos

Part I

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